mamavation monday -success is in the here and now!

I have failed miserably in my goals in the past but every day is a new day, right?! so today I am starting afresh!

monday- no workout

tuesday- no workout

wed- no workout

thursday(day I am starting this post))- wii fit- ea active 2 workout- 33 minutes- burned 212 calories- steps taken- 1582 steps after morning workout. (noon), worked out  -ea active2  crunch and core workout – (half of workout)- burned 150 calories or so. can’t remember exactly. (finishing post tuesday- may 31)

friday- off- sore

saturday- off- sore

sunday-off (also still sore and I take sundays off of excercise)

goals this week:

ea active atleast 2 times, handweights atleast 3 times, jumping jax- 25 -atleast 3 days this week. , wii fit


eat healthier. watch calories more.


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back in the gruve of things- mamavation monday- (updated)

this week I started back into the groove of things with the workouts, and started using my wii fit again after 54 days *gasp* of not using the thing. I worked out 2 days in a row on the wii fit,  plus push ups then took a day off, then on saturday I aquired a pretty pink yoga mat to workout on in my living rm that was much needed as doing push ups on laminate flooring is hard on the knees.  My pretty pink yoga mat even came with a 20 minute yoga workout dvd! woot, can’t beat that!!

so this is what I have done, and plan to accomplish for the upcoming week:

wednesday- wii fit, 20 pushups

thursday- wii fit, 20 pushups, 25 jumping jacks

friday- off

saturday- 20 minute yoga workout/yoga mat

sunday- off


tuesday- mowed lawn 40 minutes in the morning, 55 minutes in the afternoon


wednesday wii fit,yoga

thursday- wii fit, strength training

friday wii fit, yoga

saturday- walk/run- if I can. busy day that day

sunday- off

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time to set new goals- mamavation- may 4,2011

I have really been slacking lately as far as the workouts go lately and have lacked the time, energy, motivation to get working out on the wii fit. Sure I have mowed lawn, cleaned house, but haven’t found time to fit in my workouts into my busy exausting schedule. By the time the kids get to bed, Dh gets home, gets on the wii, and when he gets off I am tired and have no motivation. seriously thinking of forcing myself to workout tonight. I need to get the desire and excitement to workout back. I got a new pedometer and this one tells my miles for the day but only for the current day, then I have to reset it daily. oh well it was only 5.00  really wanting to get a treadmill, and was eyeing the ones in the store for my birthday coming in 3 months, but talking DH into it, is another battle. an expense he doesn’t want to pay for. He says.. I have the wii and don’t need a treadmill. well if I didn’t have to fight to get it with 6 other people in the house wanting to play it…. LOL sigh ah well.

so here is my PLANS for this week:

today-wed. wii fit while hubby is at scouts, strength training, walk/jog around house

thursday- day off- kids field day. might take walk/jog around house

friday- strength training, wii fit or walk/jog around house

saturday hoping for a walk outdoors in the morning.

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mamavation report: monday, April 11.2011

So this has been another off week for me as far as the actual workouts go. We have still been working on the remodeling and getting the house ready for company so my workouts were just housework, and the remodeling. we removed the carpet in the hallway, I sanded, scraped foam off flooring which was a good arm workout!  But aside from this, I haven’t done anything. I have had loss of appetite this week so I have eaten less and last I weighed self I had lost 3 lbs. 🙂 I had gone up to 211 somehow. Or so my scale says but my scale has been wonky and last I weighed self after all this remodeling, loss of appetite,etc it said 208 so it is on it’s way back down… honestly I am kinda scared to weigh self again because we had applebees for dinner on friday night, and a delicious lasagna, cucumber salad, mashed potatoes last night and I am fearing it saying my weight went back up. I might bag the scale and start focusing more on inches lost again, because the scale gets me discouraged. But I am planning on starting back on the workouts this week now that I am feeling alot better today. I rested alot yesterday and I think it really helped in the way of my cold symptoms go. I have had this cold for over a week.

So that being said, my goals for this week are as follows:

Monday- take a walk with the kids-1 mile or mowing.  wii fit basic run, strength training

tuesday- wii fit, walk- depending on weather.

wednesday ,strength training,wii fit basic run

thursday- wii fit- basic run,

friday- walk with kids- 1 mile, wii fit, strength training

saturday- walk- 3 miles

sunday- day off


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Mamavation report- tuesday April5 2011

This week has just been more remodeling- I have also been feeling sick so I haven’t got any actual workouts in.

friday night I painted for 5 hrs

saturday- painted maybe 1 hrs worth

Sunday painted maybe 1 hrs worth, took a small 3/4 mile walk with the family, family dog. slow paced

Monday-housecleaning masterbedroom 1 hr

tuesday- sick- no real activity today. only washed some dishes so yah.. I have been feeling terrible with sore throat, ears aching, coughs- sinus cold today it even came with some queasiness, and chills. so it’s been a more lax week as far as workouts are concerned. Just trying to get well. Hope everyone is having a much better week than me.

goals for the upcoming week:

get well!! take some slow paced walks or workout on wii fit- step aerobics. low maintenance, clean house and prepare for family coming into town in a few weeks.

more painting,remodeling. Our living rm flooring is halfway done in that rm. hoping to finish that rm tonight!


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Mamavation monday- busy around house

this has been a busy week at home. This weekend we begun a remodeling project and removed our carpet in our living rm. We are switching to laminate flooring. It will be so nice to be rid of the carpet. Last week for my fitness venture it was just mowing 3-4 days in a row which amounted to quite a bit of calorie burning! As for working out on wii fit, walking,things like that, it never happened but I felt good about my activity due to mowing, and then over the weekend I removed heavy carpet, sanded by hand for a day (which really gave my arm a workout- even made it sore), and with a power sander yesterday, and the night before. So all in all, I have been pretty active here at home. yesterday I seemed to be hit with a bug or really nasty head cold complete with bad aches, pains, cough, headache. I used profen for the pains during the day but about 10:30 they came back with a vengeance and the medicine didn’t work and I found myself in bed shivering like mad! the sleep helped, and by 6 am I felt better, but I can tell I am not completely over it. My cough, chest pain has subsided some, my aches are mostly gone but I feel queasy today so I am not sure if it is just cold or a stomach bug of some sort. At first I thought it was all that saw dust getting to me, from sanding, but then started noticing all the head cold symptoms then came the chills, aches. Alas the life of a mother doesn’t get put on hold when we get sick, so I have still been cleaning house, at a slower pace mind you, and taking a break from the sanding and leaving that to the husband.
So this week I did the following
Monday- mowed 50 minutes
tuesday- mowed 80 minutes
wednesday- mowed 35 minutes
thursday- off
friday- off
saturday- removed carpet in living room
sunday- removed carpet in living rm
monday- scraped,sanded
tuesday- sanded

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Mamavation Monday- Spring is here!

So spring is finally here, and it’s that time again. We have alot we are planning for in the next month or so. Planning on redoing our flooring in our house and getting laminate flooring! I have dreamed of this day, let me tell you! So hard to have carpet when you have children and it will be nice to be done with it!
today we have been spring cleaning. I cleaned out the carport, with some help from the kids, and cleaned in the yard. And this morning I mowed some of the lawn for 1 hr. It has been an exausting day. I am slowly working on the bouse but so exausted from mowing, it completely wiped me out. Kids did some homeschooling outdoors today,on the blanket. It was a fun way to do homeschooling on such a beautiful day as this. Hoped to get some more mowing done later, but was too exaustedl. It was physically exausting.
According to sparkpeople I burned 444 calories just in the hour of mowing lawn! woot woot! about 3,745 footsteps just on the lawn mowing. or more…  calculated 3,145 and started calculating after mowing for a while)

Accomplishments this past week excercise wise:

monday- sore- skipped- tried jogging in place for a second.. no way I’d succeed could still hardly move. tried walking in place a few minutes but that’s all I did.

tuesday-  sore- skipped

wednesday-  sore skipped


friday- wii fit plus jogging- basic free run- 20 minutes- 2+ miles woot!

saturday- skipped

Sunday- skipped

Monday- (today) mowed lawn 60 minutes- burned 444 calories WOOT!, cleaned carport, cleaned house, cleaned yard prob burned another 200 calories + on my feet literally all day except the bit I was sitting homeschooling, and sitting playing with 3 yr old from 5:30- 6 and talking to neigbor so today was a very active, and physically exausting day! burned some serious calories today! 🙂 atleast for me! yay! As for the scale.. well this morning it didn’t look good but I was fully dressed and not wearing what I normally do when weighing, had had food, drinks by the time I weighed, so I am not going to be too discouraged.  however I had a bad weekend and splurged on pizza, and hamburgers,fries, and all things unhealthy so I am sure that has alot to do with it too. I have not been very good about avoiding those all together yet.. it’s my weakness. but today felt good. didn’t eat those, and was extremely active so hopefully today made up for my horrible weekend. I plan on being much more active this week also but not sure I will be doing eactive. As sore as it makes me, I am tempted to take a week off from it. So we shall see. I think it has kept me from being as active as I’d like during the week due to the soreness. obviously it is going to take a long time for me to complete the eactive 9 week challenge. sigh

so this weeks plans are as follows:

Monday- today- mowed lawn, cleaned house, cleaned yard,carport, tonight- wii fit plus- basic free run, strength training

tuesday- mow lawn, clean house, clean yard more, wii fit plus

wednesday- wii fit plus- basic free run, mow lawn(1 acre lawn), clean house

thursday- strength training, clean house, wii fit plus- basic free run

friday- wii fit plus, strength training

saturday- cleaning, walking around neigborhood or park, or wii fit plus -basic free run

sunday- day off


This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn.


this weeks blogging carnival question

Are you a sweet or savory snacker?  What do you look for in a healthy snack?yes I  I usually enjoy snacking on wheat thins for what I consider a healthy snack. I prefer salty snacks over sweet but I do enjoy snacking on yogurt, fruits too.


Congrats to this weeks sista of the week :SHELLEY!! you totally rock and so deserve it! you always make me feel important, and get me motivated to move! Love ya girlie!


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